Upcoming Events at a glance:

Parents are welcome at most Friday assemblies - these are usually Celebration assemblies (focussing on good learning), OR class assemblies. 

Spring 2015

5th Jan: School re-opens; Year 5 swimming starts

16th Jan: Penguins class assembly

29th Jan: Year 3 & 4 trip to music concert

30th Jan: INSET day

2nd Feb: INSET day

3rd Feb: Fareham & Gosport maths quiz

11th Feb: Cluster Quiz at Peel Common Junior

13th Feb: Clownfish class assembly; School closes

WB 16th Feb: Half term

23rd Feb: Return to school

2nd Apr: School closes

Summer 2015

20th Apr: School re-opens

22nd May: School closes

WB 25th May: Half term

22nd June: INSET day

WB 23rd June: Sports week (TBC)

22nd July: School closes