BOC visit 28th April 2016 by Year 5 scientists

Trip to BOC

Today, a number of children in Year 5 from Holbrook Primary School were lucky enough to visit BOC in Fawley. BOC is the largest supplier of industrial gases and related equipment in the United Kingdom. During their visit, the children were shown around the site. They saw both the towers involved in the process of separating gases, as well as the tankers used to transport such gases to the various clients of BOC (including ESSO and the NHS).

BOC photo 1BOC photo 2

After their tour, the children then participated in a workshop, during which time they observed the effects of liquid nitrogen and liquid oxygen on air, within balloons and ping pong balls, as well as how such effects can be harnessed to operate engines.

BOC photo 3

What the children said they enjoyed and learned ...

'I really enjoyed looking at the various towers at BOC and learning about how they are used to seperate the different gases. I learnt that when immersed into liquid nitrogen, liquid nitrogen can compress the air molecules inside a balloon, causing the balloon to shrink. When the balloon is taken out, heat causes  the air inside the balloon to expand and return to it's gaseous state.'

(Moriahm Ahamed – Manta Ray).

'I enjoyed seeing the ping pong ball spinning, caused by the liquid nitrogen inside it reacting to the warmer temperature of the air around it. I learned that balloons filled with air will shrink when they are submerged in liquid nitrogen (which has a temperature of minus 200 degrees Centigrade).' (Billy Seal – Manta Ray).