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Beaulieu Motor Museum Trip Year 1 & 2

Beaulieu 16.01.2017 Year 1 and 2 photo 1

On Monday 16th January Angelfish, Jellyfish and Clownfish visited Beaulieu Motor Museum. Throughout this half term the children have been learning all about ‘Hot Wheels!’ They have been researching the history of cars and exploring other moving vehicles. Take a look at some of the things KS1 got up to during our recent visit.

The children got to look around the museum with a tour guide. Our tour guides told us lots of interesting facts and we got to show off our knowledge about cars. We saw some of the very first steam cars built over 100 years ago!



Beaulieu 16.01.2017 Year 1 and 2 photo 2We had a drive around the beautiful Beaulieu grounds in this blue car called Gumdrop. Gumdrop is 89 years old and can reach a top speed of 55mph. It is so old it had no windows or seatbelts.






We saw so many different cars. Some were funny, some had broken world records and others were really cool! We also had a car construction lesson with Mandy, or had a chance to see Beaulieu on the monorail.

Beaulieu 16.01.2017 Year 1 and 2 photo 3Beaulieu 16.01.2017 Year 1 and 2 photo 4Beaulieu 16.01.2017 Year 1 and 2 photo 5Beaulieu 16.01.2017 Year 1 and 2 photo 6