Book Week Year 5 March 2017

Book Week in Year 5 – Fedaread Event!

During book week, Year 5 started reading the Wizard of Oz (by L. Frank Baum). We investigated the different characters along the way and focused on how Munchkinland was described as Dorothy landed and squished the Witch of the East!Book Week Year 5 photo 1

Book Week Year 5 photo 2

On Tuesday, we were very lucky to be joined by children from Year 5 at Bedenham, who worked alongside us to create a spoken story from a selection of random images! This was quite tricky and we used drama to help us along the way. Our friends from Bedenham came up with some great ideas, which we could combine with our own thoughts to make interesting and exciting stories.

Book Week Year 5 photo 3

Book Week Year 5 photo 4

We had a great time working on our Colla skills, collaborating with our friends and also using our Kit Young strengths in helping us to draw on what we knew to invent an original story and plot.

During the rest of the week, we continued our work on the Wizard of Oz, before we all dressed up on Friday. We were quite surprised when the teachers all chose to dress up as characters from the Emerald City, including Mr Burt as a very crinkly tin-foil-tin-man!Book Week Year 5 photo 5