Emergency Service Day Year R 30th March 2017

Emergency Services Day

On Thursday 30th March Starfish class had visits from a Policewoman, a Paramedic and a team of Firefighters. 

In the morning, we found out about Police Officers and Paramedics. We looked at their uniform and their vehicles. We were all lucky enough to sit in the vehicles. The children loved getting into the ambulance via the electronic ramp.Emergency service Year R photo 1

In the afternoon the Firefighters came for their second visit. They were able to stay all afternoon. Rob showed us all of the Firefighters uniform and kit. Marley put each item on and showed us how it worked. The children asked their own questions. Emergency service Year R photo 2

We then found out about the equipment in the fire engine. We were allowed to sit in the front and back seats. The children had a fantastic day and learnt lots of information. Lots of children decided that they would like to do one of these jobs when they are older.Emergency service Year R photo 3