Maths Morning 30th March 2017

Maths Morning Thursday 30th March 2017

Who knew we had so many clever mathematicians at Holbrook Primary School? Well, we certainly found out during our maths morning on Thursday.

The children had hand written some very neat invitations asking parents and carers to come in and share ‘how we do maths these days’. And what a turnout we had!

Some of the teachers spent a very quick half hour showing the parents the different strategies and methods we use to help children understand maths Maths morning photo 1and number system and why we teach their children these methods. I think I could say quite confidently that some parents went away understanding much more how it has changed since we were at school and how they can help their children more at home. Many, many thanks for the show of support - we were slightly surprised but thrilled to see so many of you.

Maths morning photo 2Once this had finished, the parents made their way into class and joined their children as part of the lesson. There was a lot of problem solving going on which certainly challenged some of the adults (teachers included) as well as the children. As usual, there was a lot of talk between everyone which is to be expected when discussing problems and hearing the mathematical language being used was an added bonus.

Even though some of the questions were particularly difficult, both the parents and children showed many of our behaviour transformers with Maths morning photo 3Magna being used throughout. This means that even though it was sometimes frustrating, everyone persevered in trying to achieve the solutions - another skill we are trying to encourage in the children.

I do hope the parents enjoyed it as much as the children and teachers did and we look forward to seeing perhaps even more of you when we hold the next Maths morning. This will probably be next term and will focus on multiplication and division.

I should say that this was the Key Stage 2 Maths morning. Key Stage 1 and Reception are holding theirs during the last week of term and we look forward to hearing what they got up to.

Thank you again for all those that did come in and for those that were unable to, thank you also for your continued support - it does mean a lot to the children and helps in developing their mathematical skills necessary for adulthood.

Apologies that all the photos are of Year 6 students, but the other classes were so busy that they did not have time to take any!

Thinking hard! We’ll get there in the end...                   Maths morning photo 4