Stansted House Trip Year 3 26th April 2017

Penguin Class have been evacuated to Stansted House

April 2017

After discovering what happened during the Blitz in Word War 2 and trying out the air raid shelter role play area in our History lessons, we suddenly found out that we were being evacuated to a safe place in the countryside… Stansted House.

Stansted Year 3 26.04.2017 photo 1

We learnt about 2 girls called Enid and Edna who were evacuated there during the war. We learnt about how they were not allowed into the rich owner’s part of the house. As they lived in the countryside, the gardener would have grown lots of fruit and vegetables for them to eat. They had to walk to a school a long way away and they had to make their own beds! As the bombing got worse, the children had to sleep downstairs in the servants’ rooms or corridors to stay safe. Many children had never been to the countryside before.

Stansted Year 3 26.04.2017 photo 2Stansted Year 3 26.04.2017 photo 3


In the afternoon, we had the chance to get lost in the maze in the gardens at Stansted House. We had to use our problem solving skills and team work to find our way back out! Thankfully, we had all escaped from the maze by the time we had to get back on the coach to return to school.

Stansted Year 3 26.04.2017 photo 4

“Help! We’re lost in the maze!”