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Holbrook Primary School works to promote reading for pleasure across the whole school community and the school library plays a vital role.

Stocked with thousands of appealing fiction and non-fiction books that are updated and replaced regularly, our school library is well worth a visit! It offers a wonderful place for the children to come and choose a book to borrow from our comprehensive range, as well as to sit and read quietly. The library also offers a calm place for groups of children to come and work during the school day. All classes have an allocated library time when they can change their books and we hope you enjoy reading them at home with your children!

We use a library system called ‘Junior Librarian’ where the children's books are scanned out and back in again. Each child has their own bar code so that we can keep track of their lending record. If a book is still out on loan after a month, the children receive printed reminders asking for it to be returned.  If a book should be lost or misplaced we do ask for a replacement cost.Library 1

Holbrook Primary School is very fortunate to have a dedicated group of Yr 5 and Yr 6 Pupil Librarians. The Pupil Librarians are responsible for making sure the library is tidy and that the books are in their correct places. The children are also encouraged to offer their opinions and suggestions regarding changes to the library.Library 2

Throughout the school year, we offer a range of events to promote reading for pleasure, including our Book Weeks which takes place during the Spring Term. Children from a range of year groups also enjoy taking part in the Hampshire Book Awards schemes which are run by the School Library Service. The children read a range of books by children’s authors and then vote for their favourite. We also run a yearly Book Fair which is held after school and the school earns a commission which allows us to choose new books for the library.